Leather Care Guide

Our items are made out of beautiful, high quality pieces of leather.  It is completely natural, unaltered, rugged leather that has been especially chosen for it's durability and history of excellence . We know it will provide you with many years of satisfaction and service.

What should you do to break in and care for your new piece? Pretty much nothing. This extraordinary leather will virtually take care of itself, but we do highly recommend a twice a year treatment with our Essential Leather Care, a beeswax based cream to keep your item looking as good as new.

Use it, work it, hug it. Hold it in your hands and depend on it every day. Like a well-worn English Saddle, your item will gradually take on a unique, one of a kind rich patina and warm glow that only real high-quality leather can deliver.

With frequent use, your Tannery South Leather Co. item will undergo a remarkable change in appearance, developing a beautiful patina and gradually taking on an over-all burnished look that will identify it as the frequently used, favorite accessory it is sure to become.

A: General Care:

    1. Everyday dirt and dust can be cleaned using a damp, clean cloth. Wipe gently to wash away any grime to keep your item looking as good as new.
    3. We recommend the use of our Essential Leather Care cream at least twice a year or as needed.

B: Protect Against Excessive Sunlight, Dryness and Heat:

    1. Excessive sunlight will fade and dry out leather.
    2. Dryness will cause leather to crack.
    3. Heat will dry out the leather and cause further damage.

    C: Scratches, Spots, and Stains:

      1. Most scratch marks can be removed by simply rubbing them out with your fingertips. The warmth of your body heat releases natural oils to the surface causing these marks to disappear. 
      2. Spots and Stains, unless extremely prominent, will soon blend into the leather, becoming less conspicuous as the item is used.
      3. Blot excess liquid up as quickly as possible with a clean 100% cotton white absorbent cloth or sponge. Do not rub.

    D: How to Remove Butter, Oil, or Grease:

      1. Wipe excess butter, oil or grease off the leather with a clean 100% cotton white, dry cloth, doing your best not to spread the spill too much. Then leave it alone as the spot should dissipate into the leather in a short period of time.
      2. Do not apply water or try to wash the butter, oil or grease spot.

      These are recommended or suggested methods of cleaning.  The manufacturer is not responsible for damage incurred while cleaning.  Always try the cleaning method in a hidden area first to see results.