Essential Leather Care
Essential Leather Care
Essential Leather Care
Essential Leather Care
Essential Leather Care

Essential Leather Care

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Our Essential Leather Care is a natural bee's wax based leather conditioner that will naturally waterproof, condition, and protect your leather to keep it looking new for ages.

The perfect compliment for all of your leather EDC gear, boots, jackets, and belts, this semi-solid conditioner is a great way to maintain, preserve, and condition all of your old and new leather goods.  It also works great on mitts and gloves (deer, moose, and cow's leather), furniture, and saddles.  It even works great to rejuvinate wood items, but don't tell us that or we'll have to charge more.

• Beeswax - Protects and waterproofs the leather creating a barrier from environmental influences.
• Proprietary blend of essential oils, which aid in the preservation, conditioning, and softening of the leather.

• One large 4oz tin, or one small 1oz tin of Essential Leather Care Conditioner
• One white micro-fiber applicator pad, per 4oz tin. Order two 4oz tins and you'll get two pads, etc.  Please note, 1oz tins do not include applicator pad.

Apply to dry leather after cleaning. Use a soft cloth or applicator pad to apply a thin coat and allow the balm to penetrate into the leather. Work into the leather and seams in small circular motions for deep conditioning & waterproofing. May darken some leathers, not recommended for use on suede.

*A 4oz tin is enough to cover several large-sized pieces 10-15 times and boots quite a few.

INGREDIENTS:  The ingredients and suppliers used have been specifically chosen on their responsibility, sustainability, and natural content. No Petroleum - No Chemicals - No Paraffin - All-Natural - Time-Tested Ingredients

ABOUT LEATHER CARE: We recommend you apply a light coat of polish and conditioner whenever your leather pieces begin to look dry, or about once or twice a year or so. Apply less frequently if your gear is used occasionally, like on the weekends, and stored indoors, or apply more often if it's used daily or left out in the elements for long periods of time. No matter what product you use, make it a light coat, and buff it with a clean dry rag. Do not use this product on suede.